Friday, January 8, 2016

Prampra Comics-188-_Kahan Gaya Gorilla

Download 10 MB


  1. Thanxs manoj bro.. Wish you and your family a very happy new year. Ganster ki talaash comic missing thi mere pass

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  3. Welcome brother
    And Happy New year

  4. Welcome brother
    And Happy New year

  5. Happy new year Manoj Bhai
    Manoj bhai can u tell me how can one upload a comic as i m planning to upload some comics after some time
    is it done by scanner or by digital camera
    low resolution mobile camera r not upto this job
    i think so
    -- Ravi

  6. for better result u should use scanner
    digital camera is ok.(more than 12 mp)
    scan 300 dpi for good result and convert .rar format and upload

    1. Thanks Manoj bhai i will soon buy a digital camera of more than 12Mp as using or buying scanner will be costly
      Soon i will do that and upload some rare comics in HQ
      and i have edited some comics taken from u r other website in double page format and converted it into single page and enhanced them
      very soon i will provide u the links when i upload them
      Thanks bro for guiding me
      What u have done is marvelous
      As a comic lover myself i intend to do my part

  7. How come the comics files are in .cbr format?

  8. First covert folder .far file or zip with the help of winzip software
    The just rename far or zip to .CBR

  9. Well, here is a free software which can convert image files to .cbz or other comic archive formats. it's 2.64 MB

    Comic Book Archive Creator

  10. Thanks Manoj Bhai (for rare Jem). Aapne apni Job ka update nahi diya, hopefully jaldi hi aap ki job lage aap ke saath meri shubh kamnaen hai.