Sunday, May 13, 2018

Indrajaal Comics-२१२ -Shahidon Ka Rajmarg

इंद्रजाल कॉमिक्स -२१२ -शहीदों का राजमार्ग
 इंद्रजाल कॉमिक्स के भी कुछ कॉमिक्स भारतीय स्वतंत्रता संग्राम को ले कर छापी थी उनमे से कुछ कॉमिक्स मैं अपलोड करूँगा। वैसे तो इंद्रजाल कॉमिक्स में ज्यादातर विदेशी सुपर हीरो की कॉमिक्स को हिंदी, इंग्लिश व कुछ और भारतीय भाषा में प्रिंट किया था। ८०% से ज्यादा कॉमिक्स इन्ही सुपर हीरो के है पर कुछ कॉमिक्स उन्होंने महाभारत और रामायण और कुछ कॉमिक्स भारतीय सुपर हीरो को बना कर भी छापा था जैसे बहादुर, अमन का फरिस्ता आदित्य आदि। परन्तु ये सभी कॉमिक्स बहुत कम थी। पर जो भी थी बेहतर थी इनकी प्रिंटिंग और पेपर रेगुलर कॉमिक्स से मुझे तो बेहतर ही लगते थे।
 कहानी कुछ जुनूनी देशभक्तो की है इसलिए आप को कुछ न बताते हुए इस पढ़ने का की अनुरोध करूँगा। आज से हमारी गर्मियों की छुट्टिया शुरू हो गयी है। मतलब कॉमिक्स स्कैन करना फिर तेज हो जायेगा। पर अगर आप में से कुछ की मदद मिल जाये तो इस काम में और तेज़ी आ सकती है। कॉमिक्स के स्कैनिंग से ले कर अपलोड करने तक बहुत कुछ करना पड़ता है और हर काम में टाइम लगता है। अगर आप में से जो भी लोग कॉमिक्स एडिट कर सके मै उन्हें रॉ कॉमिक्स स्कैन कर के दे दूंगा और अगर वो मुझे एडिट करके जल्द वापस कर पाते है तो कॉमिक्स अपलोड में और तेज़ी आ सकती हैं। वैसे अगर मुझे किसी का साथ न भी मिला तब थी मैं कम से कम इन छुट्टियों में १५ कॉमिक्स तो अपलोड करूँगा ही। बाकी आप सब के सहयोग और प्रोत्शाहन पर निर्भर करता है। जल्द ही दूसरी कॉमिक्स के साथ फिर मिलते है। ये कॉमिक्स मेरे मित्र डॉक्टर की है और मुझे वो फिलहाल इसी नाम से याद है उन्होंने मुझे ये कॉमिक्स पढ़ने को दी थी मैंने इन्हे उनकी मर्ज़ी से स्कैन भी कर ली है उनका नाम याद आते है मै दूसरी कॉमिक्स अपलोड में जरूर अवगत करवाऊंगा उनको जरूर धन्यवाद दें।


  1. Manoj bhai...! Aap ko bahut dino baad yaa aayi....!
    Mujhe to laga tha ke aap bhool hi gaye apne blog ko....!
    Thanks for indrajal...!
    Waise to ye book pahle se uplabdh hai.. Par aap ki lajawab scanning ka maza jaroor liya jayega...!
    Thanks again..!

    1. Nahi brother ye blog meri life line hai ise bholna to possible hi nahi hai par kya karun kaam kuch jyada tha aur time manage nahi ho pa raha tha
      isliye delay huwa

  2. .... Badhiya..! Aur aap mujhe raw comic de sakte hai... Waise to main bahut aalsi hu.. Likin dheere dheere Edit kar dunga... Bus aap page sequence se laga dijiyega..!
    Number aap jante hi hai...!

  3. thank you Manoj sir ji mai ek teacher hu aur apka bda fan hu maine apke blog se bahut si comic download ki .apka bahut bahut dhanywad.kya aap mujhe apne blog par amtrit krenge?

  4. So funny :D the man says this nonsensical two bit blog in his lifeline. Haven't read such balderdash in years. That was damn hilarious. Clueless fella even wants to waste his holidays in posting the junk for other worthless guys who read outdated piece of trash just because they've cheap internet connections and a ton of time to waste :D Pandey, you are a laughing stock. You waste your time for strangers roaming around to steal the trash they consider entertainment. You also waste tens of thousands of money you got from your salary to do this nonprofit thankless job. Haven't seen such a guy on the net. You are no I banker, sw developer or stockbroker. You earn a trifle by that typical job. And you waste some of that money for these jokers instead of saving it for your kids.Hilarious :)

  5. Say, 20 years from now. This blog will be totally forgotten because Hindi comics industry will go down the abyss of anonimity. Nobody is making any movie on Hindi comic characters who were imitated by western comic characters anyway. Comicbook publishers are either shut down or on the verge of inevitable collapse. A few bums who still say that comics is their passion will be old and will be attending satsangs instead of reading the trash posted on such blogs or published in printed form. Hindi comics has even no new stories to tell. They are reprinting the junk of the past or regurgitating the claptrap at the pace which would embarrass snails.

    And Manoj comics was surely a drivel. A few jobless and struggling writers who failed to get any screenwriting job wrote that stuff which was mostly stolen and copied. Some guy says that it was his lifeline. HA HA HA HA HO HO HO HO HEE HEE HEE HEE . Keep posting such lines to entertain me :)

    1. I guess, u are a freaking idot man, who should be thrown in Pacific ocean, under an floating iceberg

  6. @ronnysingh

    I agree & disagree with you in some aspects.

    Let's talk about where I agree with you:

    (1) Yes, most Hindi comics story/style was taken from foreign comics.
    (2) Yes, many of those comics were poor priting/editing/story quality
    (3) Yes, most, but not all Manoj comics was sluggish and had boring story telling
    (3) Yes, Mr. Pandey and many fans are spending his time/energy/money on keeping up this blog alive. But then it surprises me that how a guy like you sitting in Singapore ended up commenting here! Did not you have anything precious to do in your life? How much time you must have wasted writing these comments to people you do not even know and who you think are worthless! Why did you even bother to comment (you will again to respond me).

    Let's talk about where I disagree with you:

    (1) It is true that most Hindi comics were stolen idea from western comics, but tell me how does it make it look bad? Ain't information/entertainment/food is the relished the most when it is shared? How about movie remake all time? How about Indian people adapting foreign culture/fashion/language. Look you yourself writing comments in English which comes from a foreign land, and I am sure that you while living in Singapore must have adopted many things which were derived from foreign countries.

    (2)Life begins at a point and ends up on other. Between these two points whatever we do, does not make any sense. You may do something else which you feel is worthy enough, but in the end your life will cease to exist at some point. As a matter of fact this whole planet Earth, Sun and our universe will cease to exist. Therefore, logically speaking it makes sense to do in your short life what makes you happy, provided it does not harm others. It means your blasphemy is nonsensical. Just take a moment to think about your own life. What have you attained/given up to this world? How would it change the world? And even if it did, who would remember you? You wrote that from 20 years now, no one will remember these guys. True, but no one will remember you either. And even if someone did how would it change a thing? So conclusion, people tend to do things where they can release their stress, and feel little joy in this stressful life.

    (3) The sole purpose of comics or anything in this world is just to keep us human being moving until we perish. We all are here just passing our time. We know we are not here permanently. Who know after sharing these comics, one will feel refreshed and motivated to do something positive in his/her life? So maybe Mr. Pandey is helping people indirectly to overcome their stress. Did you think like this?

    (4) It is a personal thing that how much a person earns, saves, spends in his life. And you know very well sitting in Singapore that India is a land which does not provide ground to it's citizens to earn easy money. Many talented people do work hard in this country but due to corruption they are unable to live a decent life. So do not blame them or their profession, blame our government which failed to fix it. And by the way Mr. Pandey is doing what Brahmin's did from centuries, he is a teacher! What are you? Singh could be a SC/ST?

  7. Manoj sir please gen0088 ek crore ki dakaiti upload kr do

  8. To ronnysingh

    I am a regular visitor of Manoj blog and I eagerly wait for his posts. because every post refelcts his selfless motives and his goal to preserve the Indian comics.

    no doubt that now a days no one reads comics but if some one wants to bring back the golden age of comics to comic lover like me and others around the globe.. i fail to understand what drives you to think like this ??? I donot think you have read hindi comics in your life time ?

    every indian comics posted here or anyhwere , may be people are not reading but every posted comics brings back old memory of a kids life which NO ONE wants to forget.

    so if you donot want to read hindi comics . make your self appear in English comics site , you are not welcome here..

    and in future refrain yourself saying any personal comment to Manoj Pandey ji..


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